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Friday 8 September 2023

Greenskin finds a new partner for its environmentally friendly wines

I'm an admirer of the Greenskin range of wines sold in pouches rather than bottles. 

Now Greenskin has announced a recycling breakthrough in the wake of the demise of former partner the RedCycle business. 

Greenskin has a commitment to sustainability and innovation and after a search for a new recycling partner this week announced a collaboration with Plasmar. 

Greenskin founder Mike Davies says that unlike RedCycle, Plasmar is not an intermediary; but a full-fledged recycling operation that transforms plastic waste into long-life, environmentally friendly alternatives to timber. 

The material is used to create a range of durable products, including pallets, sleepers, bollards, and even vineyard posts, forming a full circle that sees the wine pouches return to the vineyards.

“Even without our recycling program, the energy savings in production and transport make Greenskin Wine pouches a far more sustainable choice than glass bottles,” Davies said. 

"But by working with Plasmar, our wine industry first, closed-loop recycling system amplifies our sustainability efforts to the next level and also offers consumers more sustainable choices when it comes to indulging in their favourite wines.” 

Rose Smithers, founder of Plasmar, said she was thrilled to embark on a new partnership with Greenskin Wine.

“We have been inundated with enquiries since the demise of RedCycle and have had to be very highly selective on whom we partner with," she said. 

“Greenskin Wines' appeal to Plasmar is the fact that they are forward-thinking in terms of sustainability and are challenging tradition in the wine industry.

“Not only is the production and transport of Greenskin Wines' packaging more sustainable than traditional glass bottles, but by offering their customers a free and easy way to return their empties to us aligns both companies' shared dedication to a greener future.” 

Greenskin Wine entered the market in 2021, introducing premium wine packaged into a fully recyclable, 750ml soft pouch.

Greenskin Wine was the first in Australia to package premium wine in a 750ml format that offers convenience but also champions environmental sustainability.

Greenskin Wine is sold by the six-pack directly to consumers via their website and is delivered Australia-wide. The packaging is then returned for recycling. 


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