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Sunday 24 September 2023

Some like it hot: They will enjoy this

Are you a lover of seriously spicy dishes? 

Meet a new sauce that is likely to need the assistance of a cleansing ale or two. 

Capilano Hot Chilli Honey has been launched to meet the growing hunger for hot ‘n spicy foods.

Whether you want to add some kick to your chicken wings, or some pep to your pad thai, then this new sweet/savoury combo might just be your new best friend. 

As someone who always likes their Asian dishes "just a little bit hotter", I will be experimenting over the next couple of weeks and will report back. 

The people at Capilano say their Hot Chilli Honey "is perfect for drizzling over pizza, wings, ribs, burgers, or adding a creative twist to avocado toast". 

It is being hyped as "an ideal secret ingredient for that extra 'wow' factor".

Hot Chilli Honey combines 100% pure Australian honey from Capilano’s network of 800+ Aussie beekeepers with flecks of habanero chilli that can be used as an ingredient or condiment. 

In tune with the current vibe there are no preservatives or additives. 

“We know Australians are always looking for ways to add excitement to their meals and prioritise natural ingredients,: says Fiona Tavian, Capilano's GM Innovation (funky title). 

"Chilli honey is the perfect way to add a sweet-savoury spicy kick to their foods, with the average household consuming chilli every 10 days.

“While Capilano has been around for 70 years, we are always looking to innovate and make honey feel new and exciting." 

Capilano’s 340g squeeze pack of Hot Chilli Honey is priced at $7.50, and is available at Woolworths stores. It will be stocked in Coles supermarkets from October 2. 

It is a bit fiddly to open, by the way, but worth the effort. 

It also available online at

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