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Saturday 23 September 2023

Should babies be banned from commercial flights?

Is it time for young babies to be banned from commercial aircraft? Or at least be seated in a separate compartment? 

That is a question that was posted on the Global Travel Media site this week. And it is sure to provoke controversy.

I know most parents do their best when flying with infants. It is a tough job. But should other flyers be inconvenienced by screaming infants after paying good money for their seats?

Likewise, should children running around and kicking seats be allowed to impact on those seeking sanctuary in an airport business lounge? As I saw this week. 

After all, if adults created as much noise as some babies do they would be told to pipe down, or even be removed from a flight.   

Several Asian airlines already offer quiet zones where children and babies are not allowed. But how about zones simply for parents and young ones. So kickers and screamers can be surrounded by other kickers and screamers.

Dutch-based charter company Corendon Airlines recently announced that it will sell tickets in an adults-only zone - seating over 16s only - on its flights between Amsterdam and the Caribbean island of Curacao starting from November.

I, for one, would be prepared to pay extra to sit an adults only zone. 

I've heard possibly apocryphal stories of rich parents who seat themselves in business class and their children and nanny among the plebs in economy.

The “Only Adults” zone in the front section of Corendon’s Airbus A350 will consist of nine XL seats with extra legroom and 93 standard seats. 

This section will be partitioned from the rest of the aircraft by walls and curtains, creating a shielded environment “that contributes to a quiet and relaxing flight,” the company says.

“This zone on the plane is intended for travellers travelling without children and business travellers who want to work in a quiet environment,” it said in a press release.

Or maybe there could be certain fights designated adults only, so that those for whom this is an issue can be assured of peace and quiet. 

 Fair, or unfair? 

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