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Wednesday 20 September 2023

Making classic cocktails at home just got a lot easier

Ever get the feeling that you would love a cocktail but can't be bothered getting dressed up and heading to a cocktail bar?

Fever-Tree is shaking things up with the recent launch of two new cocktail mixers.

Choose between the Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer, which are are an addition to Fever-Tree’s current offerings of tonics, sodas and ginger ales, all of which are popular solo, or mixed with different spirits.

All you need is a glass, some ice and rum or tequila - and away you go at home. Salt, garnishes and straws are optional.

Each bottle contains multiple serves with no extra liqueurs or syrups needed; no squeezing or aggressive shaking required.

Fever-Tree is promoted as Australia’s #1 luxury mixer brand with 90% share in the premium mixer market.

Both bottles are without artificial flavourings, sweeteners, or preservatives, and they boast a total sugar content that is lower than competitor brands.

The Classic Margarita Mix is a blend of Mexican limes, Italian blood oranges and a pinch of Scottish sea salt, while the Classic Mojito Mixer is also made from Mexican limes, as well as Moroccan spearmint.

“This is just the beginning of growth and innovation in the cocktail mixer category for Fever-Tree," says MD Andy Gaunt.

"As was the case with carbonated mixers, the non-carbonated category is ripe with opportunity, and bound for tremendous growth. It’s the perfect time for Fever-Tree to be making their grand entrance."

The Mixers are available for $19.50 a bottle - enough for four or five cocktails - at Dan Murphy’s stores.

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