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Monday 11 September 2023

Meet a new wine with direct appeal for younger drinkers

Chill Bill
As a pinot noir sipping dilettante, I am clearly not the target market for De Bortoli's new wine release Chill Bill.

If you are just starting your wine journey, perhaps transitioning from canned mixed drinks, then you are certainly a potential consumer.

The De Bortoli marketing team describe it as a "new deliciously chilled and spritzy red wine that brings an adventurous attitude to the wine world".

I showed it to a couple of younger drinkers and the responses were "perfect for a party in the park" and "tastes like sparkling Ribena".

The wine - with a funky label aimed at a younger crowd - is a direct response to surveys that show traditional wine might not be the first choice for today's younger crowd, with trends indicating that wine is losing its appeal among Millennials and Gen-Z drinkers.

Chill Bill, made for serving, you guessed it, chilled, ticks a whole lot of boxes for the younger drinker. It is relatively low in alcohol at 9.5% - many reds are 14.5% or more - and is vegan friendly.

It is fresh and vibrant and reminded me of an alcoholic cherry cola. You'll find it for under $20.

Chill Bill a blend of fruit from two warmer regions: the Riverina and Rutherglen, and is a blend of tyrian (a newish red grape developed by the CSIRO), shiraz and other unspecified varieties and has been fermented on skins for seven days at 23-27°C.

It is deep purple in colour, defiantly fruity and fizzy. You could pair it with pork ribs slathered in barbecue sauce, or maybe with a meaty pizza.

The PR is gushing: "Chill Bill is more than just a name; it's a lifestyle. We're talking about a red wine that's chill by nature, a symbol of relaxation. Embracing the youthful spirit of exploration, Chill Bill is a fruit forward, lighter style of wine with vibrant flavours that are bursting with the juiciness of cherries and an explosion of fruitiness."

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