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Sunday 17 September 2023

Beer pong: Get behind the scenes at Hobart's new micro brewery

So you are visiting Hobart/nipaluna and have already ticked off de rigueur destinations like MONA and kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

How about a craft brewery tour and tasting at Moo Brew's recently arrived Salamanca mini bar Manky Sally's.

The team at Manky Sally's are now offering a behind-the-scenes peek at the life cycle of a Sally’s brew.

Managing director Lauren Sheppard and head brewer Jack Viney say visitors have been thirsty to know more about Sally’s award-winning brews and how they’re made.

The new tours include a tasting paddle served on a table tennis bat - an homage to Moo Brew founder David Walsh, a lifelong player of ping pong.

‘The crew at Moo are an inventive bunch," says Viney. "And with almost 18 years of beer ideas to work through, the smaller tanks at Sally’s allow us to take risks on brews with unexpected flavour combinations such as Black Forest Stout, Pineapple Guava Sour and Yuzu Green Chilli Gose.

"We’re excited to offer an inside look. Letting people get up close is the next step in Sally’s evolution. We might even crowd-source some ideas."

MD Shepherd chips in: "A motivator for Moo was to create a brew space and drinking experience unlike anything you’d seen before. Rifling through our museum’s warehouses for the fit out, designing a menu offering that complements the beers, and experimenting with the different Sally’s brews, we’ve created a unique destination that celebrates the very best of Moo Brew and MONA."

Tour tickets are $30 per person for a 30 minute tour + tasting paddle of four beers and run from Thursday to Monday, 2:30pm and 4:45pm.

Manky Sally’s is at Salamanca Place, Hobart. See

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