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Wednesday 2 August 2023

Expert tips on how to get the best value on holiday

With the costs of travel rising - hotels, flights, meals and entertainment costs are all on the up - travellers need all the advice they can get about securing bang for their buck.

Bring on the team from Oaks Hotels, Resorts and Suites, who operate over 55 properties across Australia and New Zealand, with some useful tips.

The early bird is a smart bird

When it comes to saving money on travel, research and planning is key. Often that means getting in early to look for early bird deals, lock in airfares in advance, and take advantage of offers on accommodation. Other key tips to secure maximum savings include using comparison websites to research airfares and car hire, taking leave midweek and starting your break instead of on weekends, booking non-refundable accommodation options if you’re confident your plans are locked and loaded, and flying at less popular times - like the crack of dawn!

Bigger can be budget-friendly

Forget the perception that more space always equals more dollars when it comes to accommodation. Oaks properties offer a range of studios, suites and villas with options including two, three and even four bedrooms, which deliver value for money and plenty of space for everyone to stretch out and stay in comfort. The benefits of larger digs also go beyond the budget…like chilling out with a wine and a movie in the lounge room once the kids have gone to bed in their own room. With the door shut.

Avoid peak – try short and sweet

By travelling outside of peak season whenever possible, you will enjoy access to the best possible prices. Creating your own long weekend or midweek mini break is a way to escape the everyday…without the crowds - and often for far less money.

Get more in the great outdoors

From coast to coast, Australia and New Zealand are full of nature-based holiday destinations where there’s plenty of free or low-cost activities for travellers of all ages and interests, so consider hitting beaches or the bush in locations outside the major centres for a value-packed stay.

Save on snacks with pantry hacks

Have groceries delivered to your room the day you arrive - or go shopping on arrival - so you can save on snacks and keep hungry kids happy whether you’re watching a movie in your suite or coming back from an afternoon of pool play. Minibar costs are worth avoiding for both food and drink.

Dining in is the new going out – and lunch is the new dinner

Balancing the cost of eating out with easy dinners cooked in your in-room kitchen is a tried and tested method popular with Oaks guests who love making use of the well-equipped kitchens that make feeding he family as easy to manage as it is at home – just pump out a spaghetti bolognaise then pop the kids to bed and put your feet up with a wine on the balcony. Swapping breakfast out and about for cereal and toast saves time, money and many savvy travellers choose to either pack lunch at home to take for the day’s exploring, or to eat lunch out and dinner in to avoid more expensive evening pricing.

Live like a local - and ask questions

By quizzing the hotel concierge or front desk team, you can uncover hidden gems, like local produce markets, value offers - such as kids eat free meals or weekly specials at pubs and clubs - as well as find out about the best free activities nearby, from walks and cycling tracks to museums and more.

Look for loyalty

By signing up to loyalty programs for hotels, car hire companies and airlines, you can often access member discounts, free upgrades, and be notified of any seasonal offers.

If the budget is tight, pack light!

We know checked baggage can come with added fees these days if flying is your transport mode of choice, and if you’re travelling as a family, those extras soon add up. Packing light doesn’t just save you money, it saves time at both ends - check-in and baggage collection.

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