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Wednesday 2 August 2023

Rome to Pompeii and back - in a day

You are in Rome. You want to see the ruins of Pompeii, but time is of the essence.

A new high-speed train service is now connecting Rome to Pompeii in under two hours, making what was once a serious trek a day trip possibility.

The new direct train service - a collaboration between the Italian Ministry of Culture and Italian State Railways - is to operate on Sundays in a bid to boost tourism to the archaeological site.

The direct Rome to Pompeii service is operated on a Frecciarossa 1000 train, the flagship in the Trenitalia fleet.

It departs Roma Termini on selected Sunday mornings at 8:53am and arrives in Pompeii at 10:40am, Travel Mole reports.

During the journey, passengers can learn about Pompeii’s history from a video played on the onboard monitors.

On arrival, a Pompeii Link shuttle bus takes passengers to the archaeological site.

Making day trips feasible is the fact the return journey to Rome departs at 18:40pm.

There are about 50 Frecciarossa and regional services that currently run between Rome and Pompeii, but all involve a tiresome transfer at Napoli Centrale station.

Pompeii was buried by volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and is a major tourism drawcard with visitors keen to walk in the steps of people who lived almost 2,000 years ago.

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