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Wednesday 16 August 2023

When flying brings out the worst in people

People being arseholes in the air is nothing new.

From drunk idiots on their way back from Bali to this week's dickhead who was charged after a Malaysia Airlines flight was forced to turn back to Sydney when he allegedly made bomb threats to people on board.

The pilot decided to turn the plane around while it was over north-west NSW after the passenger allegedly began yelling, making references to Islam and gesturing at a backpack worn on his chest.

Flyers had to spend three hours on the tarmac before the combined might of the Australian Federal Police and the New South Wales Police decided it was safe to come on board and arrest the man.

But the problems with many flying fwits are often less frightening but still annoying.

There are the dim bulbs who smile benignly while their offspring repeatedly kick the back of the seat in front of them. There are the morons who bring half their bodyweight on board as "hand luggage".

And now there is a debate about passengers who want to let light into the cabin while others are trying to sleep. It is a big talking point, apparently, among viewers of that paragon of intelligent discussion TikTok.

Apparently the kind and generous folk from Generation Z believe it’s acceptable to pull their window shutter up and let light stream in when other people are trying to snooze.

On TikTok, a post from a US flyer criticised a passenger for keeping the window shade open, saying it was selfish.

A number of younger travellers then showed their caring, sharing nature by posting messages including “if you want to sleep, stay one more night in the hotel”, and “I paid for it, I will absolutely leave it open”.

They are among us.

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