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Sunday 13 August 2023

The Big Prawn loses its head

Few countries can match Australia when it comes to weird and wonderful things.

Think platypuses, boomerangs, drop bears, didgeridoos and Vegemite. All just a little bit different.

But one of the weirdest things about Australia is its obsession with "big things".

Think a giant potato, a big pineapple or a ludicrously oversized banana.

In Australia, big things - often huge models of local produce - are massive tourism attractions.

Australians will travel hundreds of kilometres to visit something, anything, that is big.

Which is why the Big Prawn made headlines this week: Someone removed its head.

The Big Prawn outside Crangan Bay in New South Wales is one of several Big Prawns dotted around the country. It is not even the most famous. or the largest.

But the prawn, which is displayed over the Big T Roadhouse, was damaged sometime between August 4-5.

Locals suspect the head was removed with an angle grinder. It has not been found.

It's Big News.

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