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Wednesday 23 August 2023

Rex outdoes its big-name rivals when it comes to punctuality

Which Australian airline has the best record record for on-time flights?

Not Qantas or Virgin Australia - and obviously not Jetstar.

Little Rex Airlines has been named as Australia’s most reliable regional airline in July by the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics.

Rex led for both domestic and regional flight operations with the Qantas Group a distant second.

The survey revealed Virgin Australia Group recorded a sub 60% performance in the on-time departure metric.

The differential was even greater for cancellations.

Qantas Group recorded 100% more cancellations compared to Rex and Virgin Australia regional flight cancellations were 600% higher than Rex Regional.

Rex executive chairman Lim Kim Hai said, “All airlines in the world are severely impacted by the aviation supply chain dislocation and pilot shortages.

“We are not proud of our current performance. Many passengers have been inconvenienced.

“It is small consolation to know that problems would have been magnified many fold if passengers flew with our competitors.

“The entire management team is working relentlessly every single day to minimise disruptions.”

Rex is Australia’s largest independent regional and domestic airline.

It has a fleet of 58 Saab 340 and eight Boeing 737-800NG aircraft, flying to 57 Australian destinations.

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