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Wednesday 30 August 2023

"Drink more alcohol" says politician

Hong Kong residents have been told they are not drinking enough.

With Hong Kong’s economy losing steam, the city state’s Financial Secretary Paul Chan is calling on locals to drink more on weekends at restaurants and bars to boost night-time economy, Chinese website Vino Joy reports.

Chan made his remarks at the opening ceremony of a summer festival.

“After having dinner afterward, remember to grab a few drinks before going home," he said. "Today is Saturday, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit late.

“Apart from having fun with friends and families, I also hope you can share this happy atmosphere in society. With a more positive social atmosphere, business will start booming too.”

This advice is part of the Hong Kong government’s latest push to revive Hong Kong’s once-bustling nightlife following the Covid pandemic.

The government has been in talks with several of the city’s leading property groups to encourage them to extend mall operation hours, hand out free alcohol and vouchers to encourage local spending.

Hong Kong’s dining sector, in particular, was hit by low demand and a drain of local customers who prefer dining and shopping in the cheaper nearby city Shenzhen, in mainland China.

Image: Roberto Moreno,

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