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Tuesday 28 March 2023

Italy awash with imbecile tourists

Italy seems to attract more than its fair share of nutty tourists.

Regular readers will recall the American idiot who was fined €500 for driving over the pedestrians-only centuries-old Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence.

Then there was the tourist who had to be rescued after falling into the crater of Mount Vesuvius when taking a photo. Also American.

Last year we had a pair of tourists who were fined and briefly banned from Rome’s historic city centre after damaging the city’s historic Spanish Steps with electric scooters. Also Americans.

Then there were the two people seen riding eFoils, or electric surfboards, along the Grand Canal in Venice. This pair were Australians and were described as "imbeciles" by the Venice mayor.

Image: Twitter / @LuigiBrugnaro

And now authorities in Venice are searching for a "cretin" who jumped from a three-storey building into a canal. (image above)

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro called the man shown in a video an "idiot: and promised to give him a "certificate of stupidity and a lot of kicks".

Officials say the man - and his companion who filmed the stunt - will be arrested if located. 

The man was wearing only boxer shorts when jumping into the canal.

“We are trying to identify him,” Brugnaro said. “He risked his life in that jump, but he is also a delinquent."

Image: Venice by Agata Bertolini,

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