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Friday 3 March 2023

Meet the man stupid enough to pack explosives in his checked airline luggage

There are a lot of very stupid people around. But Mark Muffley might just take the gold medal.

This American (what a surprise!) was arrested by the FBI for trying to take explosives on a flight.

Muffley, 40, is accused of packing an explosive device in his checked bag for a flight to Orlando, Travel Mole reports.

He admitted carrying the devices but his defence lawyer said he wanted to set off fireworks on a Florida beach, where the accused sometimes cares for his ailing grandfather.

Muffley was checked in for an Allegiant Air flight to Orlando, Florida, at Lehigh Valley International Airport outside Philadelphia (above), when screening officials spotted the item.

He was paged over the airport intercom system - but allegedly fled the airport.

Being a criminal mastermind, he went home, where he was later arrested.

The device in his baggage contained fuses and explosive powder, similar to commercial fireworks, court documents show.

He is charged with possession of an explosive device in an airport and attempting to place an explosive on an aircraft.

Bail was denied when Muffley appeared in court, with the judge saying he was both a flight risk and a danger to the community. 

No kidding.

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