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Tuesday 7 March 2023

When you wee with nowhere to flee

There has been another case of aviation urination - this time on an American Airlines flight.

In an incident the US media dubbed "pee-gate" the American carrier jhas banned an Indian traveller after he allegedly urinated on a seat in mid flight between New York and New Delhi.

Travel Mole reported that Indian student Arya Vohra allegedly urinated in his seat and on a fellow passenger while in a drunken state, local media reported.

The US airline said the passenger was "heavily intoxicated" and failed to follow crew instructions.

The man seated next to him complained, and Vohra then apologised.

The other passenger declined to take the matter further.

The incident was reported to the pilot, however, and Vohra was taken into custody on arrival in Delhi.

“He was repeatedly arguing with the crew, was not willing to be seated and continuously endangering safety,” the airline said.

“After disturbing the safety of fellow passengers, he finally urinated on a passenger.”

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) were informed and Vohra was later released on bail. 

The incident came just months after another similar incident when a drunk passenger urinated on a 72-year old woman in Air India business class.

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