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Monday 20 March 2023

Alleged pest banned from an entire region

Now here is a great idea.

A man who has been tagged as a serial pest has been banned from the entire English county of Norfolk.

Stepehn Cutts, 51, was given the court order after being accused of abusive behaviour and begging in Norwich city centre.

Cutts, from Surrey, was charged during the week with a public order offence.

He was released on bail but given conditions not to enter Norfolk unless to attend court or other pre-arranged legal appointments.

If only courts around the world would follow suit. 

Idiots banned from city centres because of silly haircuts. 

Loudmouths banned from the radio for having extreme views. 

Or being banned from downtown Melbourne for being a loud Collingwood fan. 

The possibilities are endless. 

Image: Norwich city centre. No pests allowed. 

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