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Wednesday 1 March 2023

A prickly delay at a New Zealand airport

An Air New Zealand flight was delayed taxiing to the terminal at Dunedin Airport (above) with a prickly problem. 

A stubborn hedgehog was blocking its route.

The pilot spotted the creature on the runway shortly after the flight touched down from Auckland, Travel Mole reported.

“I have to make an announcement I’ve never made before: 'there is a hedgehog on the runaway’,” the captain told passengers.

The plane stood still while firefighters were called to remove the stubborn critter.

They managed to coax the hedgehog off the runway and the plane the taxied to the gate.

“The hedgehog made if off the runway safely,” Air New Zealand said in a statement.

“Over the course of a year its not unusual to have a few hedgehogs walk across the runway,” an airport spokesperson said.

The Air New Zealand spokesperson confirmed flight NZ675 had a small delay of five minutes “while the aircraft waited for a hedgehog to be removed”.

It said: “The hedgehog made if off the runway safely.”

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