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Thursday 30 March 2023

"Give them the most basic accommodation possible": British Government

The British Government has revealed plans to treat asylum seekers with the minimum of respect.

Coming from the immoral clan that was responsible for Brexit, that comes as no surprise.

The Conservatives have announced plans to put "thousands of asylum seekers" in disused military bases to accommodate their "essential living needs and nothing more".

The Government is also considering using out-of-service cruise ships and barges as new homes for migrants, saying hotels and bed and breakfasts are too expensive.

Still, at least they aren't sending them to remote islands like Australia's politicians do.

The Government is seeking cheaper options as it is spending over €5 million per day on migrant hotels, which seems like an absurd figure, Someone, somewhere is making serious money.

In a Commons statement setting out the next stage in the plans to reduce asylum claims in the UK, Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, said the plans would meet legal requirements to ensure that those who arrived were not made “destitute”, but would offer nothing more," Travel Mole reported.

“We must not elevate the wellbeing of illegal migrants above those of the British people,” he told MPs. Of course, seeking asylum is not illegal, but lies come easy to Conservative politicians.

Jenrick confirmed plans to house people at the disused defence base at Wethersfield in Essex, the RAF base at Scampton in Lincolnshire (above), an RAF site turned prison in Bexhill, East Sussex, and the Catterick garrison in North Yorkshire.

Ministers were also continuing to “explore the possibility of accommodating migrants in vessels”, he added.

The proposal follows plans to bar people who arrive in the UK without paperwork from ever being able to claim asylum or settle in the country. They will instead face deportation to Rwanda or another country.

Shades of Australian cruelty there, too.

Given the scale of arrivals on boats across the Channel, “we must fundamentally alter our posture towards those who seek to enter our country illegally,” Jenrick said with his pants on fire. 

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