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Monday 18 March 2024

Meet two wines crafted by an AI bot


Can an AI bot make a better wine than seasoned winemaking professionals? 

That was a question posed at the recent ProWein trade event in Dusseldorf, Germany, where wine professionals were asked to taste a red wine and a white wine made by the Chelaris bot. 

The product of a collaboration between Moldovan winemakers, tech professionals and marketers, the two wines were presented for the first time at the Wine of Moldova stand.

The unveiling was part of a masterclass led by consultant Robert Joseph at which attendees were given a potential glimpse into the future of oenology - and the fusion of human and artificial intelligence. 

Participants invited to cast a vote after comparing the AI wines to their man-made equivalents. 

The audience were surprised to learn that the preferred white wine, a blend of feteasca alb, feteasca regala and viorica grapes had been made and blended under instruction from the bot.

The two AI wines were also packaged using AI-generated labels. 

“Moldova has proved it has not only terroir and traditions but also a vibrant wine sector that embraces innovative technologies," said Joseph."It is becoming a leading wine nation.” 

The innovative project was headed in collaboration with the National Office of Vine and Wine (ONVV), using sophisticated algorithms to support human decisions when planning - and executing - every aspect of the production process: harvesting, vinification, blending, labelling, and communication. 

Diana Lazăr, AI Wine project lead, said: “Additional content for this project, including the marketing materials, were generated with the support and guidance of AI tools.” 

Chelaris is described as "an AI meta human winemaker used to personify the technology behind the groundbreaking artificial intelligence". 

Wine of Moldova is the national brand of Moldovan wines, representing a diverse range of wine styles and producers. For more information, visit

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