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Sunday 10 March 2024

Swanning around: a festival with a difference

The Yukon is one the most remote - and fascinating - parts of Canada, and April is prime time for bird lovers to visit.

Thousands of Trumpeter and Tundra Swans complete their migration north to their natural habitat in the Yukon, ready to rest, feed and breed.

The Celebration of Swans is a spectacular display for locals and visitors alike, who will flock to various viewing areas in southern Yukon to observe the phenomenon and enjoy the accompanying festivities.

“Each year, bird lovers eagerly await the start of spring in the Yukon, marked by the arrival of these magnificent, giant birds,” says Yas Yamamoto, market development manager, Asia Pacific, for Tourism Yukon. “

"More than 10,000 swans can be seen flying over Whitehorse and nearby regions during the month of April. It's a remarkable phenomenon and a sight to behold.”

The Celebration of Swans festival began in 1994. The first flocks signify the end of winter, as the Trumpeter swans return to western and central Yukon to raise their young after spending the winter in the Canadian Pacific Coast region.

Just 40km south of Yukon's capital city of Whitehorse, the Swan Haven Interpretive Centre in Marsh Lake is a festival hub. 

The centre hosts interpretive events, viewing platforms, games and crafts that educate visitors on the swan habitat and migration patterns as well as offering photo opportunities.

The Yukon is promoted as a bird over's paradise, and is home to more than 200 species of birds throughout the territory, including the Bald Eagle, Great Grey Owl, Yellow Rumped Warbler, Bufflehead, Northern Hawk Owl, Great Horned Owl, Boreal Owl, and Horned Lark.

In addition to swan haven, key places to observe swans and other birds in the Yukon include the Albert Creek Bird Observatory near Watson Lake, Teslin Lake Bird Observatory, and McIntyre Marsh Bird Observatory.

# Air Canada and Qantas offer direct flights to Vancouver from Sydney and Brisbane. Internal flights to Whitehorse and Dawson City are available on Air North and Air Canada.

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