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Tuesday 19 March 2024

Thais to turn from marijuana to gambling

Thailand flirted with marijuana and then did a quick reverse ferret.

Now the Asian tourism hostpot is considering allowing casinos to boost international tourism.

The Thai government is considering legalising casinos to draw investment and tourism, a study submitted to the House of Representative has shown, but previous proposals have failed because of unease among the public, the Bangkok Post reports.

State-sanctioned horse race betting is currently the only gambling officially sanctioned, but insiders believe Thailand could rival the world's biggest gambling hub, Macau: the only place in China where citizens can legally gamble in casinos.

Many travel industry leaders believe legal casino resort gambling would be a major attraction for overseas tourists, and successful, even if it remained illegal or heavily restricted to Thai citizens.

Legalisation of gambling has been discussed in the past but no government has gone ahead due to public opposition. In a 2021 opinion poll, 46.51% opposed legalised gambling due to moral and crime concerns. Only 21.25% supported the idea.

The previous parliament approved a similar study last year but the house was dissolved before the cabinet could consider it.

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