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Saturday 30 March 2024

Just how many drunk pilots are there?

Earlier this month a Delta Air Lines pilot was jailed in the UK after being way over the limit when tested for alcohol in his system.

But the Jagermeister-loving American is not alone in thinking it is fine to fly a plane load of passengers when off his face.

Air India this week dismissed a pilot who failed a breathalyser test shortly after flying an international flight, Travel Mole reported.

The pilot tested positive for alcohol after completing a flight from Phuket to Delhi.

“We have zero tolerance and have taken very strong action,” an airline source told Indian media.

The airline reportedly plans to file a criminal case with police and has informed regulator the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

The pilot was the senior in the cockpit, working the flight with a newly-appointed captain.

He must have known that pilots are subject to post-flight testing on international flights, which makes his behaviour all the more inexplicable.

Last year, the DGCA said it suspended nine pilots and 32 cabin crew for failing pre-flight breathalyser tests.

Failing a test automatically leads to a pilot’s license suspension for three months. A second offence leads to a ban of three years.

Many would think they should never be allowed to fly again.

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