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Thursday 14 March 2024

Snoozefest: Both pilots fell asleep

It's nice to have a snooze during a flight.

But probably best not to if you are the pilot and co-pilot.

Both dozed off at the same time, causing their Batik Air flight to veer off course, an Indonesia National Transportation Safety Committee report says.

It happened during a flight in January, from Kendari, Sulawesi, to Jakarta, the Travel Mole news portal reported.

There were 157 passengers and cabin crew onboard the flight.

The report said the pilots were both asleep at the same time for around 28 minutes - but the flight landed safely.

The captain took a rest leaving the co-pilot in charge.

He then "inadvertently fell asleep" with air traffic control unable to get a response from the cockpit.

“Several attempts to contact the plane had been made. None of the calls were responded to by the pilots,” the report stated.

Some time later the captain woke up with his co-pilot still asleep and realised the plane was off course. This was immediately rectified.

The pilot initially told air traffic control there had been a "problem" with communications 

Image: Anda Sacracut,

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