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Saturday 23 March 2024

A new beer for gin lovers

Juniper is a key ingredient of gins, and is not usually associated with beers. 

But the new Coopers Botanic Ale - a limited release brew - takes its pedigree from Coopers Sparkling Ale with the addition of juniper to tempt gin-loving craft beer drinkers.

The juniper adds a floral twist from Australia’s largest independent family-owned brewery.

This naturally conditioned ale has a retro ‘60s design, taking inspiration from the juniper tree with the use of purple and green in the artwork.

Coopers Botanic Ale contains no additives or preservatives and has an ABV of 5.8%. 

The niche market for higher ABV beer in Australia has doubled in size in the past five years, with Coopers Sparkling Ale the most popular beer nationally that sits above 5.5% ABV.

Gin has also been a key driver of recent growth in the spirits market, while a strong crossover exists among gin and craft beer drinkers with 30% of shoppers buying across these two categories.

“Our brewers went for something different with this limited release,” Coopers Brewery general manager Michael Shearer said.

“Coopers Botanic Ale draws on our 19th-century Sparkling Ale recipe while combining novel elements such as juniper sourced from the UK, and Nectaron hops which are a trending variety from New Zealand.

“The result is a tasty and unique addition to Australia’s craft beer category that we know will appeal to existing and new drinkers of Coopers..”

Coopers Botanic Ale will be available in 375ml cans and 50-litre kegs from this month. 

UPDATE: I can confirm after a serious tasting session that this is a very appealing ale with a fresh, zingy vibrancy boosted by the addition of the juniper flavours. A fun partner for a packet of chilli and lime cashews. 

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