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Monday 3 July 2023

Mead maker offers a different Hunter tasting experience

Looking for a different tasting experience in the Hunter Valley? How about a visit to the region's first mead cellar door?

Honey Wines Australia, a meadery specialising in crafting wines made from honey, has just opened a cellar door in Broke.

For the past three years, Honey Wines Australia has operated as an online business.

Founder Martin Jackson, an experienced beekeeper, was motivated by a passion for the art of mead-making and an appreciation for the flavours that honey can impart.

A setback occurred, however, when the inhabitants of the owner's 65 beehives had to be euthanised in October due to proximity to a site found with the devastating varroa mite.

Bouncing back with the opening of its cellar door, the company now offers tastings of nine flavours of mead and the chance to explore a range of honey products including creamed honey, vanilla honey and even chocolate honey, in a rural setting.

Visitors can delve into the fascinating process of mead-making through engaging tastings led by owner and mead maker Jackson.

"We are thrilled to invite the public to experience the world of Honey Wines Australia first hand at our new shop," he said.

"Despite the recent challenges we faced, we are grateful for the support we have received over the years, and we look forward to showcasing the art of mead-making and offering a truly exceptional experience to all our visitors."

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