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Sunday 30 July 2023

New Bali taskforce to crack down on "naughty" tourists

If you are planning to visit Bali and misbehave then be warned that local residents are being encouraged to dob you in to the authorities.

And if you are a budget traveller with mischief in mind then you may face deportation.

Immigration officials this week launched a new hotline for concerned citizens to report tourists who have been behaving badly on the island, the Bali Sun newspaper reported.

The move came as the Director General of Immigration for Indonesia also launched a new task force dedicated to eliminating disrespectful and illegal behaviour by foreigners.

Speaking to reporters at the launch of the new Bali Becik Task Force, Director General of Immigration Silmy Karim explained how the new hotline will work and why it is needed.

He explained: “We, from the Bali Becik Task Force, invite the people of Bali to report foreigners. Community participation is certainly very much needed in supervising and taking action against unruly tourists.”

Karim said the Bali Becik Task Force will be cracking down on law breaking foreigners in Bali from now until the end of the year.

The Bali Becik Task Force is currently comprised of a team of 25 officers who will be coordinating the tourist control missions in partnership with the immigration offices, police forces, and local community groups.

The newspaper predicted several deportations as a result of the implementation of the force.

Becik means ‘good’ or ‘well’ in the Balinese language.

“As the name implies, the Bali Becik Task Force aims for a safer Bali…with this task force, I hope Bali Becik can really come true,” said Karim.

“The formation of the Bali Becik Task Force is due to the rise of tourists who misbehave. So, in the future, it can minimise the actions of naughty tourists in Bali.

“The main problem regarding foreigners in Bali is the large number of foreign tourists with low spending who often make trouble.”

He described them as "thin-pocketed tourists.”

Image: Jimbaran Beach, Winsor Dobbin

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