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Sunday 9 July 2023

Here we go again. Europe readies for strikes

Thousands of peak summer flights across Europe could be grounded with air traffic controllers threatening strike action, Travel Mole reports.

Staff employed by Eurocontrol have said they will strike over both pay and work conditions, including low staffing levels.

The Eurocontrol organisation manages air traffic within European airspace.

Air traffic strike action could be announced as early as Monday, The Times reported.

“In a full-blown strike, 20 to 30% of flights would be at least delayed,” a source quoted by the newspaper said.

That could see as many as 12,000 flights a day impacted.

About 33,000 flights a day are scheduled in Europe during the summer peak period.

Management at Eurocontrol reportedly said air traffic strike action by members of one of its trade unions, Union Syndicale Bruxelles, is "inevitable".

Raul Medina, the director general of Eurocontrol, has said: “Recent industrial action caused many delays across the network.

“We can manage situations like that, but if it happens in the middle of summer, it will be much more challenging.”

Image: Jan Niepel,

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