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Thursday 6 July 2023

Meet the city that wants to make life more difficult for tourists


The Croatian port of Dubrovnik is a beautiful destination for tourists, particularly outside of peak season, when cruise ship passengers crowd the already busy streets.

But the city fathers have decided to make life more difficult for tourists, particularly those with big, heavy suitcases. 

Visitors to Dubrovnik have been warned not to wheel their suitcases through the cobbled streets of the  popular old town precinct or face fines of more than $400 as part of new regulations introduced to combat noise pollution. 

Suitcases must be carried, and not dragged, through the streets of the ancient walled city. 

Wheeled suitcases will still be permitted but the wheels must not be used, with locals introducing the restrictions after years of being irritated by the noise of wheeled bags being dragged through the often narrow. 

From November, tourists will be made to feel even less welcome with tourists required to leave their bags at a designated spot outside the city walls for paid delivery to accommodation.

In a bid to make Dubrovnik more sustainable, the number of tour buses and cruise ships docking in the port have been limited, which is understandable.

But Dubrovnik mayor Mato Franković has made a really stupid decision here.

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  1. Similar to Venice. Issues now are way too many low or zero spending day tourists, not sustainable. They want fewer cheap tourists and only ones with money to stay and spend. (As I understand it this is what the local business and resident groups wanted).