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Saturday 8 July 2023

When maniacs strike: Are you safe when flying?

Do you ever wonder why heavy glass bottles are allowed on international flights, but knitting needles, plastic water bottles and nail clippers can be banned and confiscated?

Simple answer. It is all about money - in this case for airport duty free outlets.

It is clear that a heavy Champagne bottle, or magnum of whisky, makes a pretty handy weapon. 

As passengers on the British Airways flight discovered this week.

British media reported that a passenger was stabbed during a violent incident on a Caribbean bound flight from London's Gatwick Airport.

It was reported that a man stormed into aircraft galley area, allegedly smashed a bottle and used it as a weapon during an argument with another passenger.

One man suffered a large wound with lots of blood, according to media reports.

“We’re shocked that anyone would act in this way and are grateful to our highly trained cabin crew and the customers who supported them,” a British Airways spokesperson said.

“We want to assure customers that this behaviour will never be tolerated.”

Which is all well and good.

Except flight crew are not capable of stopping incidents like this. They are fewer in number than they used to be - and a lot of them are not physically capable of ending a brawl.

The plane eventually landed safely and as scheduled at Hewanorra International Airport (above) on the island of Saint Lucia.

The St Lucia Times reported that the alleged assailant was arrested and the incident is currently under investigation. 

How safe do you feel? 

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