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Friday 28 July 2023

British Minister is both cruel and crazy

Suella Braverman is the stone-cold crazy Home Secretary of the United Kingdom.

Despite being the daughter of migrants from Mauritius and Kenya, she wants to send refugees seeking asylum in Britain to live in Rwanda.

Braverman is on the right wing of the Conservative Party (which is a statement in itself), was a supporter of Brexit and is in favour of the UK withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights. She is, predictably, also anti transgender rights.

Suella is not her real name: she was previously known as Sue Ellen, named after a character in TV soap Dallas.

Her latest act of cruelty is aimed at the government having to avoid paying for accommodation for refugees while they are being processed.

Cruella has apparently purchased tents to accommodate up to 2,000 migrants on disused military sites as part of emergency plans to avoid the expensive process of last-minute hotel bookings, The Times reports.

The tents will start to be erected over coming weeks as part of contingency plans to deal with an expected surge of small boat arrivals.

The UK Border Force is predicting that the next three months will be the busiest time for migrant crossings, in a repeat of last year, which saw 51% of the year’s record-breaking 45,755 small boat arrivals (the Brits cunningly think calling refugees small boat arrivals helps demonise them) land in August, September and October.

Home Office sources told The Times there was “nothing wrong” with accommodating migrants in temporary accommodation such as tents.

The latest plan has sparked criticism of "inhumane treatment" of asylum seekers and been compared to concentration camps.

Given her track record, the Right Honourable Cruella is unlikely to care.

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