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Wednesday 9 February 2022

My new cutting-edge kitchen toy

I'm not a fisherman, but my new best friend is a fish-filleting knife.

What is he on about, I hear you say?

A good knife is essential for every kitchen and every car.

I've just come into possession of a feisty Victorinox Swibo filleting knife with its own protective sheath - the sheath is a good thing as it is pretty sharp.

I've already tested it on some fruit and vegetables, and it is ready to turn the next fresh tuna from one of my fishing friends into instant sushi.

The Swibo is made by the same people behind the Swiss Army knife that hangs on my keyring, but is capable of heavier-duty tasks.

Swiss-made with a straight edge, its primary focus is to re-create a restaurant experience at home. You have 20cm of shiny cutting ability for $82.95.

The long, lean blade is designed for filleting rainbow trout, swordfish or salmon in seconds. I reckon it would also work well with a slab of meat.

It would make a pretty handy Valentine's Day gift for the amateur chef in your life.

It has a polyamide handle and is dishwasher safe, and I'm thinking of getting a second one for my car.

The law where I live, in Tasmania, permits me to carry a knife in the pursuit of a lawful occupation, duty or activity using that dangerous article; the participation in a lawful sport, recreation or entertainment using that dangerous article; the lawful collection, display or exhibition of that dangerous article and the use of that dangerous article for the lawful purpose for which it was intended.

Or if the knife is part of your vehicle's tool kit and kept in the boot..

So you could use it while fishing or hunting, while camping or to kill a wounded animal, should you find one by the roadside. Or if you come across goats with their testicles restrained by cable ties that need to be freed - a Tasmanian thing.

But not for aggression or self-defence. Got that.

My advice is to check out the laws in your jurisdiction, and if you want to keep the knife in your vehicle, have a good reason, and keep it tucked away in its sheath in the trunk.

Check out an impressive range of kitchen and other knives at

# Umm PR sent me the knife to try.

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