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Monday 7 February 2022

All at sea: When a cruise ship is not a cruise ship


Cruise ships are still banned from Australian ports as part of the Government reaction to the pandemic.

Residents of Hobart, Tasmania, were surprised to wake up this morning to news that cruise ship the Coral Discover had docked with a Covid-19 positive passenger.

Worse, it was the second time this year that this had occured

So when is a cruise ship, not a cruise ship? 

Apparently when it is a "small" cruise ship. Which means "luxury", or "exclusive" or "for rich people". Which makes it exempt.

The passenger is experiencing mild symptoms and tested positive through a RAT on the final day of the cruise, local media reported.

The boutique cruise ship, operated by Coral Expeditions, left Hobart on January 27 for a 10-day cruise around Tasmanian waters.

Passengers and crew will now be required to isolate for seven days in hotel quarantine as close contacts.

Who could have predicted that cruise passengers in close proximity to each other could possibly have transmitted Covid? 

But the cruise industry is not anchored, as you might have been led to believe. 

It all depends on who you know, or who you have lobbied successfully.  

Il y a toujours une exception à la règle 

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