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Sunday 20 February 2022

Beer spa offers "relaxation and libation" in the one spot

If you love drinking beer and relaxing in hot tubs in the outdoors then Canada's biggest beer spa might be worth adding to your travel "to do" list.

The Muskoka Beer Spa, part of Clear Lake Brewing Co, is a two-hour drive north from Toronto. 

Opening officially on April 7, the beer spa proclaims itself as the "biggest in the world" and will feature an outdoor pool, two large hot tubs, a music stage, an ice rink during winter and four saunas.

The Muskoka Beer Spa is nestled in the woods surrounding the the Clear Lake Brewing Co. and offers "relaxation and libation" - as well as cabins with their own draught beer tap. 

Guests will be able to grab a beer from the outdoor cocktail hut or attached brewery and drink it in lounge areas or hammocks around the pools. 

The facilities will all be open to both overnight guests and day visitors. 

Accommodation includes complimentary snacks, a wet bar, beer on tap, as well as TV and wifi, along with old school VCR machines and tapes. Each cabin has queen-sized beds, a living room area and a kitchen; and fresh pastries will be delivered to your door each morning. 

There are plans to host beer and music festivals from small gatherings to big events on the eight-acre site. There will also be massage treatments available on site. 

Once open, the beer spa day rate will cost $40+ (£23+) for one day’s access, not including the price of any extra treatments.

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