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Wednesday 23 February 2022

How sustainable are your alcohol choices?

Australians are increasingly concerned about the environment. In March, sustainability will be celebrated with events including Clean up Australia Day, World Water Day and Earth Hour. 

Drew Doty, marketing manager of Proof Drinks Australia, says sustainability has become a core value for alcohol brands and consumers in the UK and US - and that we can expect to see a similar direction in Australia.

Recent research has shown that 48% of US alcohol drinkers say their purchasing decisions are positively influenced by a company’s sustainability or environmental initiatives. 

As the importance of long-term sustainability becomes front and centre both for brands and consumers globally, fast-growing distributor Proof Drinks says focusing on the growth of sustainable alcohol brands on our shores has been one of the key focus pillars and reasons for the company’s growth. 

“The sheer attention that sustainability gets at this time of year certainly contributes to consumers evaluating their own environmental impact from waste and plastic in particular," Doty says.

“In recent years, we have seen alcohol drinkers place more and more value on the kind of environmental impact their favourite beverage brands have on our world, and this is reflected both in brand innovation within this space, and the resulting sales for those making it a priority.

“Brands in the European and US markets are increasing focus on sustainability, and the shift is certainly happening here in Australia, too. 

"With these changing customer behaviours, Proof Drinks Australia have been championing specific international brands that reflect this heightened interest, focusing on those that are specifically minimising their footprint via the reduction of single-use materials and water wastage.”

The Proof Drinks portfolio includes Cazcabel Tequila, Silent Pool Gin, The Lost Explorer Mezcal and Wild-Arbor Cream Liqueur. 

I see a certain disconnect between the food miles involved in importing drinks from other continents into Australia, but it is certainly an interesting talk point.

Silent Pool Super Premium Gin, from the UK, for instance, has created the world’s first 100% recyclable woodland gin bottle, and has a strong focus on reducing water wastage. 

Cazcabel Tequila, meanhwhile, uses a brand new distillery purposely built around existing trees to help support the natural sourcing of ingredients and uses recycled glass bottles. 

“We can certainly expect to see a rise in sustainability as a chief value for brands both already here and for those entering the Australian alcohol market over the next few years," says Doty. 

"We’re already seeing enormous success at faster rates for brands who have a focus on environmental preservation and climate change, such as Cazcabel Tequila, which has grown 300% due to its alignment with consumer trends and commitment to sustainability. 

“With drinks producers across the world now making efforts to offset their impact on the environment, we’re seeing nuanced ways of crafting sustainable alcohol products like we’ve never seen before. 

“It is great to see that in such a saturated market, Australian brands are aligning their sustainable interests with their competitors overseas, and they are finding more creative ways to produce alcohol products whilst reducing their environmental impact for long-term survival, as this trend will only continue to grow.”

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