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Wednesday 6 October 2021

How sustainability can help wine producers prosper

Australian grape growers and winemakers are being urged to embrace sustainability to give them a market edge.

Australian Grape & Wine, The Australian Wine Research Institute and Wine Australia have called on wine industry figures to become members of Australia’s national sustainability program, Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

The Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program helps its members to measure, monitor and report their vineyard or winery’s environmental, economic and social initiatives each year.

This not only allows them to demonstrate their sustainability credentials, but puts them on the path to continually improve their practices.

The demand for products that can demonstrate they are produced sustainably continues to grow around the world. Sustainability is now a core element sought by consumers and retailers.

Tony Battaglene, chief executive of Australian Grape & Wine, said: ‘’Our three organisations have formed a collective vision for the Australian wine community at a time when the industry is facing significant challenges from a changing market that is placing increased emphasis on sustainability.

“There has been an acceleration around the world of consumer sentiment towards sustainability and it is taking the global wine sector with it. 

:Consumers, retailers and governments are all paying attention – there has never been a more important time we paid attention too.”

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia is the national program for grape growers and winemakers using sustainability practices in their vineyards and wineries.

The voluntary program is currently supported by over 700 grape growers and winemakers from around the country. The program is administered by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) with governance, endorsement and active support from Australian Grape & Wine and Wine Australia.

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