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Wednesday 20 October 2021

Get up close and personal with Canada's polar bears

Everyone loves a polar bear. 

And the good news for thousands of polar bear lovers is that live bear cams will be active throughout Polar Bear Week from November 1-7. 

Cameras will be capturing every moment of the annual polar bear migration from Churchill in Manitoba. 

Polar Bear Week allows real-time access to these magnificent creatures in their natural habit, as they wait for the sea ice to form in order to migrate across the Canadian Arctic.

Or come on a virtual Tundra Buggy trip in Churchill to see the polar bears as they wait for winter sea ice to form on Hudson Bay. 

A Tundra Buggy is a low-impact, all-terrain vehicle specially designed to operate in the harsh conditions found in the Arctic with minimal environmental impact. 

The height of these buggies enables them to navigate through small streams and snow drifts and keeps the guests inside safe.

Find out full details here at Polar Bear Week or access streams at

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