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Thursday 16 May 2019

How a small town in Tasmania reinvented itself

A small town in Tasmania has cleverly reinvented itself by encouraging artists to create murals on walls of buildings and in a local park.

The rural northern Tasmanian town of Sheffield suffered a severe downtown before locals decided to take action.

The town made itself an instant tourist attraction and now holds an annual festival.

Sheffield, in the foothills of Mount Roland, is 30 minutes from Devonport and under hour from Launceston. It is a gateway to Cradle Mountain and promotes itself as a “Town of Murals”.

There are more than 140 murals to discover, some of the main street, others in Mural Park, and others tucked away. 

The artworks feature the history of the area and range from traditional to ultra-modern in style.

Take the audio tour, available from the visitor information centre, to interpret the stories the murals tell.

Sheffield is also home to several cafés and eateries, as well as quirky stores such as World of Marbles, The Emporium and The Contraptuary,

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