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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Rosé boom could lead to wine shortage in Provence

After two small harvests, grape prices in Provence have more than doubled over the past two years and one key producer has suggested there will be a possible Provence rosé shortage over the northern hemisphere summer. 
Philippe Marion, sales and marketing director of Barton & Guestier, told The Drinks Business: “The hardest aspect of making rosé in Provence at the moment is getting hold of the right grapes - availability is a big issue this year.

“There is high demand for grapes and over the last two years we’ve had a couple of low crops in Provence, so grape supply is an issue and grape prices have increased off the back of it.

“Grape prices in Provence have more than doubled over the space of two years - grenache, syrah and cinsualt from Provence all sell for around the same price. Everyone is putting their wine prices up in Provence after two short harvests.

“Those price increases are being passed on to the consumer and rosés that used to be priced at around US$12.99 are now selling on the shelves for $18 - but we’re finding that some people don’t trust the quality of rosés under $US20.”

Provence is now facing increasing competition on the rosé front from other French regions such as the Languedoc, Roussillon and smaller Ardeche, along with the likes of Italy and Spain, all of which are keen to emulate its delicate pale, savoury pink style.

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