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Monday 13 May 2019

Why mixing up your Queenstowns could be a big mistake

Queenstown in New Zealand is a delightful lakefront resort town, a lively spot with bars, eateries and on the doorstep of the acclaimed wineries of Central Otago on its doorstep. 

Queenstown in Tasmania is not. It is faded mining town with a scarred landscape, polluted rivers, gravel football pitch and aged shopfronts. It is barely hanging on thanks to the resilience of its residents. 

So if you are booking a trip to Queenstown, make sure you choose the right one (or your travel agent does). My happy snaps, below, will illustrate why. 

If not you could be confronted, as I was on Sunday, but a main street so deserted that no one would have been hurt had I fired a cannon. 

There was one cafe open and a nice-looking old pub. Three young girls played hip-hop with vulgar lyrics at full volume. 

The Wilderness Railway (highly recommended) does not operate on Sundays, apparently. Nor does much else. 

A bleak place to grab a coffee and move on. Smartly.  

Fortunately, I was en route to somewhere else. Anywhere else.   

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