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Thursday 23 May 2019

Qantas vs. fat flyer

An obese man has claimed he was "fat-shamed" by Australian national airline Qantas after being told he was too large for his pre-booked exit row seat.

Darren Beales, from Geelong, made a major media fuss by claiming the request to move seats on the flight from Melbourne to Brisbane amounted to public fat-shaming.

Mr Beales had pre-booked an exit row seat.

But when he boarded he asked cabin crew for a seat belt extension, as the regular belt is too small to fit him.

He was then told he couldn’t sit in the seat he had booked and was made to move once everybody was on board.

Which seems fair enough to me. People in the exit row are required to help in the case of an emergency. This bloke could only have got in the way.

Under Civil Aviation guidelines, passengers who are travelling with an infant or child or someone who requires assistance in an emergency are not permitted to sit in an exit row.

Safety comes first; not bruised egos.

Which is commonsense - something this bloke appears to be severely lacking.

Radio 3AW reported Qantas have since contacted the fat flyer and offered him a $120 refund for the extra leg room he purchased but did not get to use.

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