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Saturday 6 April 2024

When good friends whip out a bagnum

There are times when you just need a decent wine that is easily accessible.

You are heading to the beach, perhaps, or having a picnic, or a few friends around for a barbecue.

Bottles are unwieldly, casks just a little unreliable. What might fit the bill is a bagnum.

Australian wine brand Rewild has just launched its new eco-conscious bagnum format - joining a growing number of brands that offer the combo of decent drinking and lightweight convenience.

The Rewild bagnum options are 2023 chardonnay, 2023 sauvignon blanc and 2022 shiraz produced by Duxton Vineyards.

All are very drinkable at a price point that effectively sits them at under $10 a bottle, with the sauvignon blanc extremely varietal and refreshing, the stone fruit-driven chardonnay very decent and the shiraz at pub by-the-glass level.

All three wines are 100% Vegan friendly and the bagnums are designed to be shared, with each unit holding 1.5 litres (or the equivalent of 2x750ml glass bottles).

Rewild senior winemaker Tony Allen says the bagnum format gives wine-lovers a sustainable, convenient and affordable option:

“The consumer mindset when it comes to wine packaging is changing, with eco-conscious wine drinkers now appreciating that a bagnum format offers many benefits," he said.

"Not only does the bagnum hold more than a standard wine bottle, it also keeps wine fresher for longer [up to 30 days] once opened when compared to traditional bottled wine.

"With the packaging being at least 90% lighter than glass - and available at an affordable price point for 1.5 litres - the Rewild bagnum is perfect for outdoor group events or gatherings, or for those looking for a delicious yet affordable option.”

So not for a dinner party, perhaps, but certainly good pizza, pasta, picnic wines. All the fruit comes from vineyards in the Southern Murray Darling region.

Rewild bagnums are available at Dan Murphy’s stores starting from from $17.99.


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