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Thursday 25 April 2024

Bright future envisaged for historic Melbourne hotel site

Major changes are afoot for the historic InterContnental Hotel site on Collins Street, Melbourne.

With part of the building dating back to 1891, the hotel was originally know as the Menzies at Railto when it opened in 1984. 

It became part of the InterContinental group in 2008, and was extensively refurbished,[whilst not changing the heritage structures.

It is sometimes known as the InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto and is part of IHG Hotels group.

The Rialto Building is architecturally significant as one of the finest ‘boom style’ buildings in Melbourne and is an integral part of an exceptional group of late Victorian commercial buildings in Collins Street

Now owners Salter Brothers have announced the achievement of Heritage Victoria Permits with conditions and City of Melbourne support with recommended conditions for the department to consider, to revitalise the hotel.

The site renewal secures the long-term retention and conservation of the well-known Winfield and Rialto heritage buildings, and a new mixed-use development on the site comprising of retail, office, a luxury hotel and a club with meeting and conference spaces, the company said.

"Salter Brothers has worked collaboratively with Heritage Victoria to achieve a design that respects, conserves and evolves these beautiful heritage buildings into future Melbourne."

Commenting on the approval, Paul Salter said “I am incredibly proud of our team in achieving these approvals. I would like to thank Patrick Ness who led the Cox Architecture team and Nick Touzeau from Planning & Property Partners who advised on Heritage Victoria and planning permits.

“We are honoured to move forward with the preservation of the heritage Winfield and Rialto buildings and excited about the dynamic this project will bring to central Collins Street.

"Subject to consideration we look forward to receiving planning approval from the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning”

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