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Thursday 4 April 2024

When hotels do their best to alienate their own guests

Hotels are supposed to be in the "hospitality" business. 

Their marketing will tell you what an important guest you are - and how much your custom is valued. 

The reality, however, is that some hotels - not all - see guests as cash cows to be milked as much as possible. 

A recent post on the Threads social media site underlined this. 

Here is the post: "Check in at my hotel today is at 1500, which is in 37 minutes' time. The room is cleaned, prepped and ready for me but I’ve been told I have to pay extra to check in now, so I’m currently sat in the lobby like a wally counting down the minutes. I genuinely can’t figure out the logical reason for this. Anyone know the answer?"

I have that answer. Greed. The hotel manager imposing that policy is an idiot. 

If a hotel room is ready ahead of time, there is absolutely no reason why a guest should not be given access. 

The paying customer will feel good, instead of being annoyed. Making her or him more likely to return or show brand loyalty. 

Can any hotel manager explain this peculiar intransigence? 

Image: Irma Calabrese,

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