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Wednesday 17 April 2024

Tourists detained for failing to buy in shop

You know when you are on an organised tour and have been deposited at a shop where you have zero intention of buying. 

The shop sells tat, or you have no interest in a carpet. Or an elephant carving.

What if you were then held against your will until you purchased something?

Don't laugh. It's not fanciful/ It actually happened to a tour group in China recently, Travel Mole reports.

This tour group was detained in a bedding shop for hours after refusing to buy goods, during a tour in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, the South China Morning Post reported.

Video posted online showed staff at the shop guarding the exit doors and refusing to let the tourists leave unless they made purchases.

The tour group was reportedly detained there for several hours.

The tour was organised by Liaoning Youde International Travel Service and conducted by a local tour operator. Maybe an operator to avoid.

One of the tour guests reportedly complained they had been duped as there had been no sightseeing visits but only stops for shopping

“I hadn’t expected that all of our activities in Xishuangbanna would be about shopping,” the tour guest told the SCMP.

The Xishuangbanna Market Supervision and Administration Bureau said the bedding shop was ordered to cease operations. And the local tour guide, who was not licensed, was fined.

Image: Rob Sexton,

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