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Sunday 28 April 2024

How to enjoy some of Melbourne's secrets on foot

Melbourne is a city with lots of hidden secrets.

Laneways with impressive graffiti, tiny speakeasys with no signage, arcades offering gourmet treats and ethnic restaurants that fly under the radar. Until they don't.

There is one company that concentrates on showing off Melbourne's lesser-known charms to visitors: the appropriately named Hidden Secrets Tours.

Focussing on laneways and back alleys, this walking tour operator conducts small group walks in the urban centre with a focus on fashion, art, food, wine and urban design.

Guides offer a little history and architecture as guests descend into basements or climb discretely marked stairwells, to find the haunts locals love. 

You can do much of this on your own, of course, but there's lot you will miss, including context. 

The focus is on Melbourne-based businesses, and local design and the good news is that you will not be fleeced in some dodgy store selling expensive tourist tat.

"We take no commissions from any places we visit and ensure an authentic discrete local experience," Hidden Secrets promises. There is even a tour for French speakers on offer.  

Sounds like fun, Another one added to my Melbourne "to do" list. 

Image: Winsor Dobbin   

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