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Monday 15 May 2023

Sparkling Champagne sales figures in Australia

Times are tough, we are told, and consumer spending is down.

Also, Australia now produces some of the best sparkling wines in the world.

But sales of Champagne in Australia continue a remarkable upward trajectory.

Champagne exports to the Australian market reached an unprecedented 10.5 million bottles in 2022 - up by 6% when compared to 2021 and ahead of all previous records.

Australia is currently ranked as the sixth-biggest export market for Champagne in the world – in both volume and value.

The Brut Non-Vintage style remains the most popular category of Champagne in Australia and makes up 88% of all imports.

Analysis shows that all Champagne categories grew in volume when compared to 2021 including rosé and vintage Champagne.

One of the key trends reported by the Champagne Bureau is a growing demand for lower dosage Champagne.

The relaxed style of contemporary Australian dining, with small plates and a selection of tastes, is seen an ideal opportunity for wine-savvy consumers and sommeliers to pair different styles of Champagne with cuisine.

“The Champagne shipments to Australia in 2022 show that we are a dynamic and evolving market for Champagne," says John Noble, director of the Champagne Bureau Australia.

"It has become clear that adventurous Australian consumers are searching for some of the lesser-known and more boutique styles of Champagne that are now becoming available.”

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