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Thursday 18 May 2023

Airline takes extra charges to new heights of idiocy

Airlines are masters at subtly gouging their customers.

Extra charges for baggage, seat selection, wifi, priority boarding, meals etc. 

The list goes on and on.

Airline executives, of course, will claim that the extra charges result in reduced fares and "more choice". We just haven't seen many of those low fares recently.

Now Finnish carrier Finnair is taking the "light" flight option one step farther - by not allowing passengers to fly hand luggage without an additional payment.

Well boo to Finnair.

The airline announced this week that itis introducing a new "superlight" ticket for short haul journeys within Europe.

As of June 1, the superlight ticket will replace economy light tickets.

These fares include only, presumably, a seat, and a small bag, which must go under the seat.

So no other carry-baggage included; including anything that you would normally stow in overhead lockers.

Even duty free purchases made at the airport are not allowed - unless they fit under the seat.

“Punctuality is very important for our customers, and the target of the changes we are now making is to ensure smooth boarding,” says Ole Orvér, chief commercial officer of the tight-arse airline.

“Excess carry-on baggage is a known issue, impacting both punctuality as well as travel comfort.”

Finnair will crack down on excess carry-on bags in the cabin.

Light tickets, which do include a regular carry-on bag, will continue to be available for long-haul journeys and for business class on European flights.

Classic tickets are still available for customers with both checked and carry-on baggage. But you'll pay a lot more.

As of June 1, Finnair will also decrease the baggage allowance for business class flyers - which sounds like a naked cash grab.

All special baggage allowances, including golf bags and ski equipment, will be excluded from the new ticket classifications and only be available for an additional charge.


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