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Monday 8 May 2023

The reason for that bad smell in your hotel room


Ever noticed a bad smell in your hotel room?

Ever checked under the bed?

A guest staying at a Lhasa, Tibet (above), hotel requested a change of room over a pungent smell.

After moving to another room was he shocked to find out he had been lying inches above a dead body, Travel Mole reported.

The guest, who was named only as Mr Zhang in local media reports, had spent a few hours in the room before requesting a move.

A short time later he was told of the corpse under the bed, which sparked a hotel murder investigation.

Good news for Mr Zhang. 

Police said he is not a suspect as the body had been dead for several days before he checked in.

“I asked [police] what had happened and they told me someone had died, so I asked them where,” he told Shangyou News.

Mr Zhang said the experience has taken its toll and he has been struggling to sleep well since then.

“I stay up until 2am to 3am every morning and the slightest movement would wake me up,” he said. “It left me in a bad mental state.”

The name of the hotel has not been made public.   

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