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Wednesday 10 May 2023

Sorry about the scorpion: airline passenger attacked

All sorts of weird stuff happens in India - but being stung by a scorpion mid-flight is beyond the pale.

Air India has issued an official apology to a passenger for what it described as a "rare and unfortunate incident".

The unidentified woman on a Nagpur-Mumbai flight last month was stung during the flight, India Today reported. It was not disclosed how the creature got on board. 

The airline said the passenger was not badly hurt. She was was given medical assistance on arrival and then taken to hospital for further treatment.

Air India said in its statement: “This was an extremely rare and unfortunate incident involving a scorpion biting a passenger.

“Our officials accompanied the passenger to the hospital and offered all support to the passenger until discharge.

"Our team followed the protocol and conducted complete inspection of the aircraft and found the scorpion after which due fumigation process was carried out. We sincerely regret the agony and inconvenience caused to the passenger.”

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