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Wednesday 12 October 2022

Tourists to flock to Japan in huge numbers

Tourists are preparing to flock back to Japan in record numbers after the Asian nation reopened its borders to travellers following Covid.

Data reveals an enormous booking spike and high search volumes for Japan.

Bookings to Japan from South Korea alone increased by a massive 194% on those made in August, followed by a 183% increase in bookings from the UK, 169% in bookings from Spain and 103% in bookings from Germany. said its has seen consistently high search figures to Japan across Europe, APAC and the US since May this year, with marked spikes across key destinations in September.

Singapore saw the most considerable increase in a month-on-month search to Japan in September, with a 520% increase.

That was followed by a 463% increase in searches from Thailand, a 365% increase in searches from Australia and a 359% increase in searches from South Korea.

With interest in Japan booming, both from searches and bookings, will monitor the trend, Its Japan general manager Hironori Katsuse said: "The twofold effects of easing entry restrictions and a weaker yen have led to a rapid expansion of inbound tourism to Japan.

"This is truly a situation of revenge travel.

"With a scheduled increase of international flights from October, Japan anticipates a more robust recovery from Q4 to Q1 2023." data particularly reveals a boom in luxury hotel bookings.

Image: Winsor Dobbin in Saitama  

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